Valheim how to get Guck

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* March 13, 2023: Updated for the Xbox Launch to include more relevant information as well as links to related guides.

There are tons of resources available for players to find and collect across the various biomes there Valheim, although some are more obvious and accessible than others. Resources like Copper and Stone, for example, are available in the open and are therefore easier to access than Iron ​​​​​​​​​​and Silver, which more often spawn below the surface. Players who have traveled to the Swamp biome may have noticed the bright green stuff on trees. It is easy to think that these are just for decorating the environment, but they serve a greater purpose; these are Gucksacks. From them, players can mine an extremely valuable crafting material, Guck.

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Guck is used to craft a green burning iron torch, the green flag, and one of the best weapons in the game, Draugr Fang bow. When players first arrive in the Swamp biome, they likely won’t be ready to craft with Guck, but they should plan to collect and keep some of this valuable resource for later in the game. a lot Buds appear high on tree trunks, so players have to do some building and climbing to reach them. They cannot be harvested with a bow and arrow as a Bumblebee can. Here’s how to get Guck in Valheim and how players can use it.

How to farm Guck in the swamp in Valheim

Guck inside Gucksacks on trees in the Swamp biome in Valheim

To get Guck, players will need enough wood for a small shelter and workbench, and an ax or pickaxe. They can go out into the swamp and search tree trunks for Gucksacks. There may be more than one per tree, and they should be somewhat easy to spot due to their sickly green glow.

Once players find a place with a lot of Guck to harvest, they can build the shelter and the workbench. They then have to make a ladder or stairs near each tree to reach all the Gucksacks. Unfortunately, these trees cannot be cut down to make access easier, so players will have to do some climbing.

Before climbing up, players should scout the surrounding area for any creatures able to deal various damage that could knock them off the ladder or kill them. When the coast is clear, players can climb up and hit the Gucksack with an ax or pickaxe until it gives up a Guck. They may continue to do this at each tree until they have a sufficient supply, and then they will destroy all the equipment to get their wood back.

Uses for Guck in Valheim

The Swamp biome in Valheim

Guck is used to do three things. It is used both as a crafting material and as fuel for the green-burning iron torch, which can be used as a light source near the Forge. Players will also need Guck as a color to make the Green Flag for their buildings, which will raise their comfort level by one. Finally, players can use Guck to craft the Draugr Fang, one of the best endgame bows, allowing the weapon to deal poison damage in addition to Piercing damage.

The recipes for each of these items can be found below:


Materials required

Craft station

Draugr Fang

20 Silver, 10 Old Bark, 10 Buck, 2 Deer Hide


an iron torch that burns green standing

2 Iron, 2 Guc


Green Flag

6 scraps of leather, 2 fine wood, 1 guck


Guck can be easily stored and transported by players, so once they have it they keep it until they use it for crafting.

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