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Aloy is not walking through the Burning Shores alone inside Western Forbidden Horizon: Burning Shores. As briefly described elsewhere, she will be accompanied by Seyka, a member of the Queen’s tribe, who intends to match Aloy’s energy. Guerrilla Games released behind the scenes Burning Shores video about this new partner and how her actor, Kylie Liya Page, adapted to the motion capture process.

Hulu recently had a page The girl from Plainsville, and this is her first video game role. She called the first day “very humbling,” but then said it was fun by the end. She noted that she had to use her imagination to play in such a new place and that it was “amazing” once she realized the freedom the game gave her as an actor.

Check out the Western Forbidden Horizon: Burning Shores video below:

As for Seyka, Ashly Burch, who plays Aloy, said that there is a strange power dynamic between the two characters because Seyka is also a warrior like Aloy. She explained that Aloy might have met her match a bit. However, Seyka has more of a community within the tribe than Quen, which is not something Aloy is quite used to growing up with a traitorous father figure. Her love for her family and her tribe, according to Page, is her greatest motivation and will show players “what it means to love.

Seyka was first shown as concept art in a PlayStation Blog post before appearing in the DLC’s second lengthy trailer. And although Guerilla has now painted a specific picture of this character, players will have to wait until April 19 to see what else Seyka will play in. Burning Shores‘ a new story.

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