Video: Florida Deputy Pulls A Gun On A Pregnant Woman Before Resigning From Duties

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In a new twist in Florida, a sheriff’s deputy resigned after body camera footage showed him threatening to use a weapon on a pregnant woman during a traffic stop. After watching the video of the incident go viral on social media platforms, the sheriff’s department examined Jason DeSue’s bodycam film and determined he violated department guidelines. After this incident, he resigned as sheriff. At 12 noon on Friday, August 19, pregnant Ebony Washington and her three children were stopped for speeding.

They were reportedly traveling from Gainesville to Jacksonville. She was going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Bradford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason DeSue. In any event, Washington activated her emergency lights and proceeded to find a bright enough spot instead of immediately pulling over. A Bradford County, Florida deputy has left his post with the sheriff’s office after two years in law enforcement. His leadership, including a recent traffic stop, where he held a mother at gunpoint in front of her youngster, was so deplorable that the agency quickly announced a move away from the previous deputy.

Florida deputy pulls gun on pregnant woman

A Florida deputy in a video who threatened to shoot a pregnant mother during a traffic stop resigned. Ebony Washington, who is four months pregnant, admitted she was driving about 75 mph in a 55 mph zone as she drove back from Gainesville to Jacksonville on Friday with her three children in the vehicle when she saw the lights and sirens. Rearview mirror. The woman claims that she would not have pulled into the blind area, so she did not stop immediately and drove with her emergency lights on until she reached a place she thought would be more convenient. Pull the vehicle over, or I’m going to put you on the ground, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason DeSoo can be heard saying in body-camera video over the area speaker of his department vehicle.

Ebony pulls Washington’s vehicle into a gas store and stops before Dsue pulls out his gun. Assuming you make any progress, this will be the last mistake you make, as shown by the video, Dsu yells at Ebony Washington’s vehicle. Trying not to move, Washington can be seen sticking his hands out of her vehicle, as DeSue points his gun at the woman’s vehicle from his own vehicle. The woman said the Florida deputy advised her to get out, however, she replied that she was wearing her safety belt. The video shows that she, at that point, gets out, and the deputy pulls her arm and places her in cuffs.

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