Vladimir Putin ‘compares himself to Hitler’ in ill-conceived rant comparing Poland to Ukraine | World | News

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It seems that Vladimir Putin was comparing himself to Adolf Hitler in an incoherent rant where he seemed to be comparing Poland in 1939 with Ukraine.

In a lengthy interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Russian president said that the Poles forced Hitler to launch an attack in 1939. A strong metaphor in which he appeared to be making a comparison between Poland in World War II and Ukraine in 2022.

Putin said that Hitler was simply trying to “fulfill his ambitions”, portraying Poland as “unwilling to cooperate” and that he had “forced” Hitler to launch the attack, so igniting World War II. Putin has consistently blamed Ukraine and the West for forcing him to invade Ukraine and start the war.

During the strange comparison, the Russian leader held Poland responsible for starting the world conflict by collaborating with the German leader Adolf Hitler. He pointed to Germany’s attack on Poland as proof of Poland’s crime.

He said: “Before the Second World War, Poland collaborated with Hitler. Despite not accepting Hitler’s demands, Poland was involved in the division of Czechoslovakia with Hitler.

“By holding the Danzig corridor back from Germany and crossing borders, Poland inadvertently provoked Hitler to start World War II by launching an attack against them. Why was it Poland that started the war against, on September 1, 1939? Poland turned out to be uncompromising, and Hitler had nothing to do but start implementing his plans with Poland.”

However, historians generally attribute the start of World War II to the aggressive expansion of the Nazis, characterized by their invasion of neighboring countries under the leadership of Hitler.

The decision to invade Poland followed Hitler’s earlier military actions, including the occupation of Austria and annexation of Czechoslovakia, now Czechia, actions that were not challenged by his ‘ international community.

Many believe that these actions set a precedent that led Hitler to pursue further attacks.

The Russian president also said that he did not intend to “unintentionally” launch attacks on Poland or Latvia, stressing that such actions would only occur in response to an attack on Russia by either country.

“It goes against logic to get involved in a global conflict, which would inevitably push humanity to the brink of destruction. This is obvious,” he said.

However, it is worth noting that in January 2022, Putin announced that he did not intend to attack Ukraine, just days before he sent tanks and troops across the border.

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