Vladimir Putin plans ‘massive suicide attacks’ on Ukraine over the next three months | World | News

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Experts have warned that Vladimir Putin may be planning deadly attacks, sending hundreds of his troops across the front line for little military gain. The president is rumored to be deploying his own troops in so-called “massive suicide attacks” in a desperate bid to turn the tide of the war in his favor.

The latest assessment, which is attributed to Western governments, says: “The Russians have not had anywhere on a large concentration to launch an effective attack that has evolved over the last few weeks have been ‘more of the same’, that is grinding the same.

“So far the Russians have demonstrated that they cannot effectively coordinate a joint military attack, or provide adequate logistical support for an advance.

“The Russian Army has not done this for 30 years and it seems to be beyond their capability.

“The main tactic of the ground forces is still the near-suicidal mass infantry attack by poorly trained troops under cover of heavy artillery.”

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“It seems that Russian pilots are not willing to ‘close with the enemy’ as they did in Afghanistan once the Mujahideen got Stinger missiles.”

This comes when Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia lost 150,000 in the war.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Thursday that 715 Russian soldiers had been killed as of Wednesday’s count, bringing the total to 150,605.

Ukraine does not release official figures on its own losses.

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