Voice of Liberty star Jim Caviezel goes FULL QAnon, says Trump was ‘chosen by God’ to fight liberal blood-drinking child traffickers

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Jim Caviezel he used to be a proper movie star. He co-starred in films with Jennifer Lopez and Henry Cavill. He looked like Hollywood’s next big thing for a moment – strong actor, classic good looks, BIG eyes. Heck, he starred in one of the highest grossing movies of all time, The Passion of Christfor Mel Gibson. Now he uses that talent to bring more innocent people into the cult QAnon.

His new movie The Sound of Freedom was a huge success, having collected $40 million at the box office on a small budget. The action film, about private contractors saving children from the sex trade, has been described as “QAnon-next-door.” It is essentially a power fantasy for believers in the conspiracy theory, which, in short, identifies any political enemy of Donald Trump as part of the global child trafficking cycle.

The movie itself doesn’t come right out and say “all liberals are devil worshiping pedophiles who drink the blood of the children they kidnap” – it just mentions some the strangest comments Q. The sex traffickers in the film are somewhat generic as “elites”, rich and powerful people who a reasonable person could see as a reference to an old friend of Trump. Jeffrey Epstein – but which will make Q fans like a god whistle about every Hollywood person and every Democrat.

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Mostly it focuses on a basic action story about a white American hero shooting his way into a pedo ring to save the kids. It’s mostly a picture of how the #Pizzagate guy saw himself in his mind, instead of what he was – a radical idiot with a gun, putting innocent people in danger because he believed a story made up by propagandist gritters. He is also a star Mira Sorvino. It’s a real movie.

It is similar to the Battlefield of QAnon. Get them with the throttle and then tell your merciless viewers, “you know, a massive child trafficking operation is happening right under our noses – if you want to learn more, just click this link.”

But Caveizel is not interested in a veneer of plausibility. In interviews for the film he has come off as a full Q – with all the instability that entails. Talking about the America’s real voice podcast, hosted by Steve Bannon – yes, that one – he made it clear that he believed all the nonsense. He said of Bannon’s former boss:

“I also want to say to Donald Trump, then when you watch this film, you will be calm and at peace because you, more than anyone, have done amazing things that Jesus ‘ speak, that you know that faith without works is dead. “

You know all the things that Donald Trump has done that Jesus is talking about. Pulling money from children’s charities, the sermon on the golden toilet, “let the one who did not cheat on his wife with a porn star cast the first stone,” all of it. Big man Jesus, the Trump that. He continued:

“I believe that Donald Trump was chosen by Almighty God, and I’m talking about God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Just a very ordinary thing, reasonable to believe. Yes.

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Remember, the Q people don’t just believe in the human trafficking conspiracy – the real point is that Donald Trump is secretly the one fight e. Trump. The man who didn’t go out for himself alone, who says he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong in his life. The man a jury found had committed sexual abuse. That one. He is the good man. Caviezel clearly thinks that nonsense. He continued:

“That’s why the devil wants to kill him, wants to hurt him. It has always been like this from Pharaoh and then to Herod and now but more than ever and enslaving them and doing many, many things including organ harvesting and adrenochroming. And I’ll say that until I’m, you know, dead.”

Wow, so much to unpack there. He compares Trump to Moses (whom Pharoah wanted to kill) and to Jesus (who was executed under Herod). So let’s all take a moment and internalize that statement.

He also said “adrenochroming” – a reference to QAnon’s belief that elites drink the blood of babies to get the drug adrenochrome. Caviezel clearly believes this. It’s not just a movie for him, it’s the watered down version. He told Bannon:

“It’s true, and a lot of things come out. “


Like many cults, Q has consistently said that things will come out, the truth will be revealed, they have even indicated several dates that have come and gone. While Trump refuses to tell them it’s crap – because they voted for him – he will never come out and tell the rest of the world about his secret crusade to save children to save Because then he gets asked about it, and he has no facts or evidence to back it up. Because he believes. It is nonsense.

Unfortunately it is dangerous nonsense.

Many fathers—you know, the prime demographic for this kind of middle-aged action star movie—have become so obsessed with the Q conspiracy theories that they’ve lost touch with reality and turned on their families. We’ve heard more than one story in the last couple of years about men killing their own children because of what they read on QAnon and Q sites. The stories are heartbreaking – and all too true.

A story The Sound of Freedom it may be perfectly serviceable and attractive. But it’s complete BS.

Sex trafficking, especially trafficking of minors, is all too real, and it is a terrible problem. But very little of it can be solved by going in with guns. That’s Hollywood nonsense. Most victims of human trafficking are not plucked off the street, they are employed – often with people they trust – boyfriends, coaches, youth ministers. If you want to know more about human trafficking read what experts have to say. Read the real testimony from people who survived human trafficking, like the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Real facts – not conspiracy theory nonsense or Hollywood bulls**t.

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