Want to see George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead on the big screen for its 45th anniversary?

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2024 marks 45 years since George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was released in the US, and it’s returning to the big screen

The George A. Romero classic Dawn of the Dead (get it HERE) a film that can reasonably celebrate its 45th anniversary in two different years. While its premiere took place at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978 and a cut of the film put together by co-financier Dario Argento for non-English-speaking countries, it was released domestically. playing in Italy that year, the cut that Romero put together for English territories did not make its way to screens in the United States until ’79. So whether you celebrate Dawn of the Dead45th anniversary in 2023 or 2024, or both, you’re still doing it right. Red Band Releasing is looking to bring Dawn of the Dead back to screens in the US and Canada this year, and has sent out a message to fans, telling them that if they want to see the film on the big screen, they should get in touch to their local theaters and/or drive-ins.

Red Band Releasing wrote, “We are currently booking theaters and Drive-Ins to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the 1979 North American Premiere and Release of George A. Romero’s. DAWN OF THE DEAD! If you live in the US or Canada, contact the owner or general manager of your local Independent Theater or Drive-In and tell them to send an email. [email protected] for information on the Special Discounted Booking Terms being offered in celebration of the 45th Anniversary! SHARE!

Written and directed by Romero, Dawn of the Dead it has the following summary: As hordes of zombies swarm across the US, the terrified population tries everything in their power to escape the onslaught of the undead, but neither cities nor the country is safe. In Pennsylvania, Stephen, a radio station employee, and his girlfriend, Francine, escape in the station’s helicopter, along with two renegade SWAT members, Roger and Pete. The group returns to the refuge of a closed shopping center to the last possible stand for humanity.

The film stars Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, Gaylen Ross, David Emge (who sadly passed away last month), and Tom Savini.

Would you like your local theater and/or drive-in to include a screening of 45 years of Dawn of the Dead? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Dawn of the Dead

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