Warriors have a ‘zero percent chance’ of defending the NBA title, says Nick Wright

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The Warriors have a challenging road in the Western Conference to repeat as NBA champions.

Several teams improved before last month’s NBA trade deadline, as the Dallas Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving and the Phoenix Suns acquired Kevin Durant. As a result, FS1’s Nick Wright isn’t buying any stock Golden State can for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

“The Warriors have a zero percent chance to win the title,” Wright said Monday on “First Things First.” “So every team I think has a better chance to do it.”

“I want to go negative on the Warriors. The Warriors have been there since before the year started when I have a hard time remembering that anything strange happened to him. [them]. It was a post-parade night, pre-ring. It was, oh yeah, their old boss [Draymond Green] swallowed their new $100 million [Jordan Poole] in the face and we all saw it.”

Wright’s lack of belief in Golden State didn’t stop with the Green-Poole incident in October’s preseason practice. The FS1 reporter cited the Warriors’ inconsistency this season as why he doesn’t see them as title contenders.

“And then 20 games in, they were a .500 team,” Wright said. “They were 10-10. And I asked [Chris Broussard], ‘Are you still worried?’ He’s like, ‘No, they’re my team.’ … So I said, ‘OK, let’s check in at 40 games.’ Forty games in, they were 20-20. And then, 60 games in, they were 30-30. And [James Wiseman] he was supposed to come to help and get better; He really doesn’t play for them anymore. And one of the other young guys will get a DNP coach’s decision.

“And then there’s this other problem, which is the road schedule [7-24] … Because we know they’re going to be on the road for every series [and] that strikes me as a team that can’t win four in a row, that starts and ends on the road.”

UPDATE: The Warriors’ dominant home defense must now face a tough road nemesis

The Warriors must prove doubt wrong in familiar territory. Many thought their loss in the 2019 NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors was the beginning of the end, as they are experiencing two down seasons with injuries to Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

However, Golden State added another NBA championship last year, so it needs to once again show that it is not a group to ignore.

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