Wednesday Season 1 Already Set Big Secret season 2

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Wednesday Addams solved her first big mystery in season 1, and it seems that the central conflict of season 2 was already established with Bianca Barclay.

Wednesday has established itself as a kooky, spooky mystery series, and season 1 may have set up the perfect magical puzzle for season 2. The Addams FamilyThe Netflix series set in the middle sees Wednesday very much, in its own way, to discover the dark secrets of Nevermore. With the many strange and powerful students in attendance, there seems to be no shortage of strange happenings. Now that Hyde’s case is solved, Wednesday will be ready to move on to her next mystery, which may have already been established in season 1.

Tim Burton’s Netflix series introduced several mysterious characters Wednesday season 1, but they didn’t have much time to dive into their many facets. One such character was Bianca Barclay, a siren who chose Wednesday as her rival from the group The Addams Family the character’s first day at Nevermore Academy. Although the two competed relentlessly for most of season 1, they eventually reconciled their differences and discovered that they weren’t as confident in themselves as they seemed, pretty much burying the hat. However, Wednesday does not know the history of Bianca, which season 1 revealed to the audience.UPDATE: Wednesday’s success is no surprise – It should have happened sooner

Cult Bianca will make the perfect mystery for season 2 on Wednesday

Wednesday dance season 2 Bianca

As Wednesday season 1 began revealing that Bianca is more than just the archetypal “little girl”, she revealed that she had grown up in a cult called Morning Song, which is led by her stepfather, Gideon. With the Wednesday at the end of season 1, the Netflix series revealed that Bianca was raised as a member of this group with her mother, Gabrielle, but managed to escape, change her name, and use her siren abilities to gain a place at Nevermore Academy for a fresh start. Bianca’s past caught up with her when Gabrielle showed up at parents’ weekend, urging her daughter to return, and give her Wednesday the perfect new mystery.

Not much else has been said about Morning Song, but when Gabrielle visited Jericho it was a sign that the cult would get hold of the inhabitants – including the students of Nevermore Academy. This was seen when Gabrielle encouraged normie Lucas Walker to download the Morning Song self-help app. This really upset Bianca, who asked Lucas to delete the app because it was bad news for the group. However, none of this had anything to do with the Wednesday the season 1 mystery hinted that it will become important later on. Bianca was sure that the leader of the Morning Song was evil – maybe what he did Wednesday The villain season 2 new.

Wednesday Season 2 will have to further explore Bianca’s past

Bianca Barclay and her mother Gabrielle in a row on Wednesday

The clues about Morning Song and other aspects of Bianca’s history Wednesday Season 1 seemed to indicate that they will be at the center of the conflict in Season 2. However, even if another mystery at the heart of Tim Burton’s Netflix series continues, Wednesday season 2 still needs to dive deeper into the past of Wednesday’s school nemesis. Bianca’s talent, status as a siren, and relationship with Wednesday already set up an interesting story arc, but the sensation of her being raised into a cult is too interesting a story to pass up.

Until now, audiences have learned that Bianca has a good heart, but with what she’s been through, her strong sense of self-preservation creates an interesting contrast that establishes Bianca is one of the most distinctive characters for Wednesday season 2. The Morning Song storyline will provide a foundation to further build her character, and hopefully see Bianca rise up as an even bigger badass. This will make for a better story – especially if her feud with Wednesday Addams continues.

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Have Wednesday & Bianca been friends?

Wednesday Netflix Bianca Barclay Wednesday Addams Principal Larissa Weems

Dance the Rave’N inside Wednesday Season 1 was the first moment that audiences saw Wednesday and Bianca relate to each other. Before that, they were just enemies, which was made worse by Xavier’s interest in the series’ title character. When Wednesday learned that Bianca was far more insecure than she let on and that he could never fully trust people’s opinions of her as her siren abilities often go on the path, a subtle sympathy was formed. In the end, Bianca saved Wednesday’s life by stabbing the resurrected Joseph Crackstone, meaning they had buried their clothes once and for all.

However, Bianca’s decision to save someone’s life by fighting a racist zombie doesn’t mean she’s Wednesday’s best friend. Perhaps the girls are far too similar to be more than respectable rivals. She may not hate Wednesday, and their attitudes towards each other will likely change, but it is unlikely that Bianca will ask for help on Wednesday, especially regarding her parents’ cult that she has spent years trying to keep secret. Only Wednesday season 2 may provide the definitive answer, especially if Morning Star is at the center of Wednesday’s next mystery.

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