We’ll Need Minimum Of 30 Years To Defeat Boko Haram, Insurgency Can’t Be Filtered Away Easily – Army

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We will need at least 30 years to defeat Boko Haram, insurgency cannot be easily filtered – Army, #We039ll #Minimum #Years #Defeat #Boko #Haram #Insurgency #Can039t #Filtered #Easily to #Army welcome EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

The Nigerian military has said it will take at least 30 years to eradicate the deadly terrorist group Boko Haram and that a new generation of people in the northeast must be educated and reoriented before the war against the insurgency can be won. .

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The Acting Director of Nigerian Army Information Management, Brigadier General Folorunso Oyinlola, disclosed this at the 22nd edition of the Social Media Seminar on Civil-Military Relations held in Benin, the Edo State capital.

He lamented that the terrorist group’s leader, Mohammad Yousuf, had taken a turn for the worse after he was killed by the police.

It should be noted that Mohammed Yusuf was arrested in Maiduguri in 2009 and died in police custody soon after.

In a report by Sahara Reporters, Folorunso Oyinlola said – “Insurgency cannot be wiped out with the snap of a finger. Rebels live with us. We cannot bomb the whole of Edo State in the name of fighting Boko Haram. It will take us at least 30 years to defeat Boko Haram. We need a new generation in the North East who we have to educate to declare that we have defeated Boko Haram.”

For more than a decade now, the terrorist group’s activities have killed thousands of people in the northern part of the country, while many have been forced to flee their communities to seek refuge elsewhere.

Many have expressed surprise at the Army’s statement that it will take around 30 years to eradicate the terror group. Many have wondered why it takes so much time.

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