What does Wes Anderson think of the TikTok trend that replicates his style? Featured Filmmaker

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Wes Anderson is one of the most famous filmmakers of all time. He is known for his amazing sets, his directing skills, and his stories. A new trend on TikTok has Anderson fans as well as non-fans replicating his style. In an interview, Wes recently addressed the trend and gave his two cents on the situation.

Wes Anderson opens up about the TikTok movement

In the viral trend of TikTok, people started filming their daily life like they were from a Wes Anderson movie. Wes Anderson addressed the trend in a recent interview. While talking to The Daily Beast, he expressed his opinion about the move and revealed that he does not want to “get involved” with it.

“I have only been exposed to him verbally. I didn’t see any of it. Obviously, it’s easy for me to go to the right web page and see it. I choose not to be very involved,” Anderson said.

Wes Anderson (credit: IMDb)

Wes shared why he doesn’t want to watch the Tiktok trend. Mostly saying he didn’t want to be “pulled” by them. He revealed, “I guess it’s because I don’t want to be distracted by that. It’s a bit like being told, ‘Your friend is making a good impression on you.'”

The filmmaker continued, “You might say, I’d like to see it, and you might say, I don’t want to see a version of me, even if it’s good. It can be like, ‘Is that me?’ That’s not necessarily what you want.”

He revealed that he has never been on Tiktok and has not even watched one until now. Anderson said he would watch it sometime. The filmmaker concluded, But I have never seen TikTok, for example, of anything. I’m not going to start with me.”

What was the TikTok trend?

People started turning clips from their daily lives to look like they were straight out of Wes Anderson movies. There were the filmmaker’s signature zoom lens cuts, symmetrical frames, and music. The TikToks showed people doing something as serious as brunch with their friends but with a Wes Anderson style twist.

Many people jumped on the bandwagon to make their own version of it. Before you knew it, there were thousands of videos of people trying to do the move.

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