What happened to Christine Varner & her husband after dating Cody

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  • Christine’s flirtation with Cody on Big Brother 16 caused controversy and was met with a negative response from fans.
  • Despite the controversy, Christine has found happiness after her divorce from Tim. She remarried and had a child with her husband.
  • Christina reflects on her time on Big Brother and is proud that it has become a definite part of her personal history.

Back on Big brother 16, Christine Varner sparked controversy after getting engaged to house co-host Cody Calafiore. Their fellow houseguests knew that Christine had a husband when she was sent to compete bb16. While she always maintained that her relationship with Cody was very platonic, it seemed that she crossed a line. At the time, Christine’s husband, Tim, appeared in a special segment during a live eviction episode to comment on the dynamic between Cody and his wife, admitting that it made him uncomfortable. Did Christine and Cody’s affair ruin her marriage?

Over the years, Christine has maintained it Big brother 16 She has been making headlines in 2020. For example, Christine launched her OnlyFans profile, which has been very successful for her so far. She has also spoken out against production, showing a difference Big brother behind-the-scenes secrets from her time on the show. It’s safe to say that the fans’ response to her is yes Big brother it was mostly negative. When she was evicted on day 77, the live audience greeted her with boos. As Big brother 25 continues, it’s time to revisit this controversial member’s marriage.

Christine And Tim Split After Big Brother

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It is not clear what exactly led to Christine and Tim’s divorce, but they are no longer together. The couple stayed married after Christine’s time on Big brother 16, so their final divorce could have been done the way she was accepting Cody. It is also worth noting that the two suffered a number of hardships that were not connected to them Big brotherincluding miscarriages and undisclosed health scares.

Christina remarried and had a child

Despite her divorce from Tim and controversial dating with Cody on big brother, Christina got her happily ever after. She married military veteran and real estate agent Daniel Kominek in April 2021, and the couple seems to have an amazing life together. The couple welcomed a baby boy, Monty, in April 2023. Christine was open about her difficult and dangerous birth in which she almost lost her life. However, she and her baby are doing well, and she seems to be enjoying motherhood.

Christine’s relationship with Cody continues bb16 it was controversial for several reasons. Although many people saw it as an overstepping of boundaries, others understood it as a strategy. With that being said, these two players had never quite come to grips with what went into that strategic move in terms of how close the show was. For Christine’s part, it seems she found solace in her complicated time ahead Big brother. The hostile reception from the fans gave her a boost, and she is still proud of it as it is undoubtedly remembered in Big brother history

Source: Christine Kominek/Instagram

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