What Happened To Katie Piper? As She Was Taken To A Hospital For An Emergency Operation

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Katie Piper said she was recently rushed to hospital for an emergency operation after her ex-boyfriend attacked her with sulfuric acid, which left her face badly eaten and blinded in one eye. The 38-year-old TV host started dating Daniel Lynch in February 2008 after the two started messaging each other on social media platform Facebook. However, the relationship turned into a terrifying encounter in 2008 when Daniel Lynch assaulted Katie Piper and then solicited accomplice Stephen Silvestre to carry out an acid attack in 2008. Katie Piper was in a coma for 12 days and also had to undergo a skin graft. process

Katie Piper was born in October 1983 to parents David and Diane. She lived in Andover, Hampshire, where she trained as a beautician after leaving school. She then began modeling, participated in various shoots for a national newspaper, and was runner-up in the 2006 Miss Winchester beauty pageant. Finally, she moved to London and also worked as a presenter in some TV programs. In March 2008, Katie suffered a sulfuric acid attack and her face was severely eaten away. However, she did not let the attack define her and has since gone on to become a published author and has a very successful career in TV since the horrific episode.

Katie Piper was hospitalized as a result of a horrific acid attack in 2008.

Katie Piper said she was recently rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after suffering a sulfuric acid attack. In her most recent Instagram post, Katie Piper said, “On Saturday my significant other noticed a little dark circle in my sightless eye, I was excited to have a doll again, but by Sunday my left eye was in extreme pain and couldn’t do it.” Can’t stand the light, so I patched it up and put it on the old wound. I am used to being somewhat disturbed and I went to work.

Katie Piper

By Sunday night I was in sick and excruciating pain. I contacted my eye specialist @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk and sadly he confirmed that the black circle was a hole in my eye and the eye was punctured. There was always a fear that this would happen, she added. Yesterday @sherazdaya got tissue for me and worked on me. I can’t thank him and his team enough, for their insight and expertise, and in addition how kind and caring they all are. There may be some bad people in this world but there are also some very incredible people who consistently do amazing things for people. Thank you so much team @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk you are awesome!

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