What the glass unicorn means this summer I turned the end of season 2 at Pretty

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  • The glass unicorn icon in The Summer I Turned Beautiful the season 2 finale has a deeper meaning, revealing Conrad’s true feelings for Belly and setting up an exciting season 3 storyline.
  • The glass unicorn is a nod to the story of Belly and Conrad in Jenny Han’s third novel, We’ll Have Summer Foreverrepresenting their feelings for each other.
  • The appearance of the glass unicorn reflects Conrad and Belly’s enduring bond and reveals that their love story is far from over.

Spoilers ahead for The Summer I Turned Beautiful season 2 finale, plus Jenny Han We’ll Have Summer Foreverthe third book in the trilogy on which the show is based.Aptly titled “Love Triangle,” The Summer I Turned Beautiful The season 2 finale has fans of the Jenny Han book trilogy drooling over the appearance of a glass unicorn. For those who haven’t read the source material, this blink-and-you-mess-it detail may seem like a throwaway moment that comes in the closing moments of the t – season. However, the whimsical item has a deeper meaning, making it more than the average Easter egg.

Besides calligraphy The Summer I Turned Beautiful and his sequel novels, Han also adapts the story for the screen. This means that the writer has been able to include a fair amount of fan service, tiny nods, and nine Taylor Swift needle drops. However, the first on-screen appearance of the glass unicorn figure may just be one of Han’s most interesting references to her books. The keeper not only gives us a glimpse of Conrad’s (Christopher Briney) true feelings for Belly (Lola Tung), who ends up with his brother, Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), in the season finale 2, but it also sets up an interesting season 3 plot line.

Conrad’s Glass Unicorn by Jenny Han The Summer I Turned is a beautiful book

Conrad puts the glass unicorn on Belly's dresser on Cousins' beach in the season 2 finale of The Summer I Turned Pretty

In the last moments of The Summer I Turned Beautiful season 2, Jeremiah looks excited as Belly gets her back on the volleyball court. Since Conrad and Jeremiah have finally saved the Cousins’ beach house, the scene is interspersed with moments of Conrad restoring the residence to a pre-house party state. When Conrad starts unpacking boxes, he comes across a figure full of bubbles. After opening the package, he places the unicorn glass on a dresser. Sharp-eyed viewers will realize that it is in the bedroom that Belly usually stays in, which means that he is setting the figure in her place.

For TV show-only audiences, the outer appearance of the blue glass unicorn may not be as mind-blowing as other things Conrad unpacks. Seconds later, he found the polar bear stuffed animal that Belly won at the Cousins ​​boardwalk when they were younger. The polar bear features prominently in that recurring episode, making it a symbol of young Belly and Conrad’s ships passing through the night pressing against each other. However, book readers know why the camera stays on the glass unicorn: it’s a nod to Belly and Conrad’s story in Han’s third novel.

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What Conrad’s glass unicorn scene really means for his pot-bellied romance

Untitled design-27 Belly sleeping between Conrad and Jeremiah in a motel season 2 finale The Summer I Turned Pretty

In the third book of the Han trilogy, 2011’s We’ll Have Summer Forever, Belly has a deep connection to the glass unicorn. “Conrad was still looking for me,” Belly thinks to herself, and then searches her room for the special figure. In the books, the unicorn glass is a gift that Belly receives from Conrad and, therefore, a confirmation of the feelings At the end of episode 8, it seems very clear that Belly has moved on, and viewers finally know the whole story behind why Belly and Conrad broke up before The Summer I Turned Beautiful season 2.

After Belly decided “abduction“Conrad from her heart, he asks Belly’s infinity silver symbol necklace back, saying he can no longer hold on to her. The care Conrad takes in setting up Belly’s room at Cousins ​​beach house further supports this fact, noting that Conrad and Belly’s love story is far from over.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Glass Unicorn Easter Egg Set Up Season 3 Conrad & Belly Flashback Scene

Conrad and Belly in the summer I Turned Pretty season 2

To contextualize the importance of the glass unicorn, season 3 of the series will likely feature a flashback to the guardian’s origins. The Summer I Turned BeautifulSeason 2’s timeline jumps are very effective, especially when it comes to filling in the long history between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah. One of the strongest events of the sophomore tour is the one based on the boardwalk, which shows the audience that Conrad has been crushing on Belly for years. That said, a flashback that shows Conrad bringing the unicorn glass to Belly can add emotional weight to the object in the present while symbolizing Belly and Conrad’s endgame pairing.

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