What the last 10 winners have been up to after the show

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  • Ian Terry (Big Brother 1) used his prize money to pay off student loan debt, and now works as a consultant in Houston. He has Twitch and Cameo accounts.
  • Andy Herren (Big Brother 15) lives in Chicago, and is active on social media. He posts funny content, and speaks out against social injustice.
  • Derrick Levasseur (Big Brother 16) used his winnings to start a family. He retired from law enforcement, wrote a book, started a podcast, and founded a consulting firm.

A Big brother a winner’s life can change forever after taking home the big prize at the end of a grueling summer inside the house, and it’s time to talk about what the last 10 winners have been up to. Each of these winners became at least $500,000 richer. The sleepless nights, contests won (and lost), boring slop diets, and everything in between will be well worth it when they finally walk out of the house. They are showered in confetti, and get the Big brother prize money.

With Big brother season 25 starting soon, the last decade’s worth bb winners come from all walks of life. Although not always strong Big brother winners, examining a season’s winner can tell a lot about that summer’s play. Things change from year to year on the series, which ensures that a different game is played almost every season. While some houseguests come into the game with a strategy, most can’t keep their one-day plan intact for long, especially if they go on to win the game.

John Terry (Big Brother 14)

Ian Terry and Julie Chen on Big Brother 14 standing with their hands up

Ian Terry was only 21 years old when he won Big brother 13making him one of the youngest Big brother winners in history. He used his grand prize to pay off his student loan debt, which was close to $80,000. He also bought himself a car, before putting the rest of the money away in a savings account.

Ian stayed mostly out of sight for a while, until he returned to town Big brother house for the All-Stars season this past summer. Although he did not win the second time, John was at peace with his loss. He has since created Twitch and Cameo accounts, which make it easy for him to interact with his fans frequently. According to Ian’s account, he works as a consultant in Houston, Texas.

Andrew Herren (Big Brother 15)

Andy Herren on Big Brother 15 laughing out loud

according to Andrewand Twitter profile, Andy Herren currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Since the winner Big brother 15, Andy has been very active on social media, growing a large following on Instagram and Twitter. His witty and funny personality has shone on both platforms. In addition to posting funny content, Andy has been very open about social injustice. Andy is also friends with some of his partner bb alumni, and even attended Amanda Zuckerman’s bachelorette party in 2018.

Derrick Levasseur (Big Brother 16)

Derrick Lavasseur smiles for the camera in Big Brother

Derrick Levasseur used his Big brother 16 prize money to grow his family, as he now has two daughters with his wife. Since his time on the show, Derrick has retired as a law enforcement detective. He wrote a book, “The Undercover Edge.” The bb Star also started a crime-related podcast, and founded a private investigation and consulting firm. Rory and bb16 runner-up Cody Calafiore are still good friends.

Steve Moses (Big Brother 17)

Steve Moss Big Brother in a blue shirt with a pale blue background

Steve Moses has lived a very low-key lifestyle since winning Big brother 17. according to Stevein his Twitter account, he currently lives in Orlando, Florida. Currently, Steve owns a small business in the senior care field. Although the details of his business are vague, Steve’s work primarily occurs within hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living communities.

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Nicole Franzel (Season 18)

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 22 All Stars with her arms up

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18, after first being introduced bb16. Four years later, she came close to becoming the show’s first two-time winner, while competing Big Brother 22: All-Stars. However, Nicole ended up as the last person to be eliminated bb22. Since then, Nicole has married. She married another man Big brother 18 alum Victor Arroyo. After postponing their wedding due to the pandemic, Nicole and Victor tied the knot in Florida back in March 2021, and welcomed their first child together (son with -name Arrow) in July of the same year.

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)

Josh with his hands on his face after beating Paul in the Big Brother final, Paul's hand up in the air in frustration.

Now also known as a competitor on The ChallengeJosh Martinez won Big brother 19. Josh planned to return to Big brother for the All-Stars held in 2020, but just days before the premiere, Josh tested positive for COVID-19 while in sequester for the show. As a result he was no longer allowed to compete. As a result of this turn of events, Josh ended up at the end of the competition The Challenge instead.

Kaycee Clark (Big Brother 20)

Kaycee Clark from Big Brother, standing outside the house, flexing her muscles.

After her victory in 2018, Big brother 20 Winner Kaycee Clark continued in the world of reality TV. Like many Big brother who were houseguests, Kaycee went on to compete The Challengeside by side bb alumni Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez. She even met her partner Nany Gonzalez on it The Challenge. Kaycee has grown her Instagram following, working with brands such as Bud Light, and skincare company, Tula.

Jackson Michie (Big Brother 21)

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie Smiling

Controversial Big brother 21 winner Jackson Michie seems to be working to improve himself from his time on the show. After the end of the bb21, Jackson and his show girlfriend Holly Allen moved in together. However, they later announced that he is ending their relationship. Since then, Jackson has been focusing on his mental and physical health. Almost two years after his win, Jackson opened up about his years of substance abuse, which happened before he was cast Big brother.

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 22)

Cody Calafiore on white background blue shirt promo Big Brother 16

Winner of Big Brother: All Stars was Cody Calafiore, who has been keeping things very low-key ever since Big brother win After leaving the Big Brother 22: All-Stars house, Cody went home to his longtime relationship with his then-girlfriend, Christi. He and Christi have used some of his earnings to move into a new apartment together, and finally got engaged in mid-2022. Cody has also been keeping up with fans in the His weekly live Twitch videos. Shortly after winning the season, Cody said he plans to save some money to grow his family.

Xavier Prather (Big Brother 23)

Xavier Prather Big Brother 23 laugh

The winner was Xavier Prather Big brother 23, after an incredibly boring match dominated by his alliance, The Cookout. He crowned the first Black winner in any regular season of big brother, Xavier was extremely proud of his win, and spoke highly of his time in the team bb a house After winning the season, Xavier advanced to the tournament The Challenge: The United States, where he was fired mid-season. Xavier and his girlfriend Kenzie Hansen, who he proposed in 2023, have been enjoying their time as a newly engaged couple while Xavier recovers from surgery on the his Achilles tendon.

Taylor Hale (Big Brother 24)

The latest one bb winner Taylor Hale worked her way through an incredibly intense summer, becoming the first Black woman to win a regular season of Big brother. She is also the first player ever to take home the grand prize and America’s Favorite Houseguest. With a total of $800,000 in his pocket thanks to him Big brother On February 24, Taylor and fellow houseguest Joseph Abdin started a relationship after the season ended. However, things ended for the couple after about six months. Taylor continued to make public appearances, and he has even heard about what she would like to see in the upcoming seasons. Big brother.

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