Where does Celtics star forward Jayson Tatum rank among postseason superstars?

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The 2022-23 regular season has come and gone. The league is close to the 2023 NBA playoffs. Because of this, our expectations, the participating clubs and even the style of play are changing. With these moves, we will see players’ roles with their team change in the postseason.

Where does that put Boston Celtics star forward Jayson Tatum in terms of where he ranks among postseason superstars? Part of a new generation of stars working to unseat veterans LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, the St. Louis native still has plenty of work to do before he hangs on his own banner.

The host of the half-titled “Hoops Tonight with Jason Timpf” podcast recently highlighted his own list of postseason superstars in a recent episode.

Watch the clip above to hear what he had to say about where Tatum should be ranked among the best in the playoffs.

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