Who is Pookie? Breaking down the TikTok couple goes viral

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“Pookie looks like he’s on fire tonight.”

That’s probably the catchphrase you’ve been hearing around TikTok after influencer Campbell Puckett and her husband, Jett Puckett, it went viral. Although the Georgia-based couple has been creating content about their marriage for years, videos of their date night looks began to surface in recent weeks as Jett began to regularly using Pookie – the affectionate nickname he calls Campbell – in a compliment about her OOTD.

“The outfit is on fire, Pookie,” Jett said in one video, while noting in another TikTok that Campbell was rocking an “amazing Pookie outfit today.”

“A little bit of truth,” he said in a Jan. 1 clip, which showed the pair getting ready for a day out in Paris. “I especially like Pookie in a hat.”

But the video captured by TikTok users on January 14, when Campbell – clad in a bold black top and matching trousers – and Jett headed out on a group date with friends dropped.

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