Who plays the Predator in Prey and is this his franchise debut?

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There are some figures in the realm of horror and sci-fi cinema that you’ll never forget. The Xenomorph of Ridley Scott’s Alien, Michael Myers of Halloween, Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

They are so iconic, in fact, that they have a tendency to pop up in the movies again and again, going to show that you just can’t keep a cool character design down. When it comes to the very best, the Predator is certainly in the running.

Audiences were introduced to this unique alien species in John McTiernan’s sci-fi action extravaganza Predator back in 1987 and it was no surprise to see a franchise born. However, it’s been pretty divisive, with AvP spin-offs and main series sequels failing to meet the high expectations of majority fans.

However, director Dan Trachtenberg has delivered the best-received instalment since the original with his prequel Prey.

Set in 1719, we follow Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), an ambitious Comanche warrior who is given the opportunity to prove herself as a hunter to her people when a mysterious alien lands on earth. Speaking of that alien, who plays the Predator in Prey?

Prey | cr. 20th Century Studios | photo by David Bukach

Who plays the Predator in Prey?

The Predator in Prey is played by Dane Diliegro.

For those unfamiliar, the 34-year-old American actor and former basketball player (he played for eight seasons) has starred in a number of projects over the years and is becoming well known as a creature actor.

Looking back, he first appeared on screens in The Walking Dead (he played Hero Walker) in 2020 and subsequent TV series appearances include Sweet Home (Muscle Monster), Side Hustle (Zeke), American Horror Stories (Ba’al / Scare Patrol), and The Quest (The Dragior).

He also starred as Alien Overlord in the 2022 music video for Doja Cat’s Get Into It (Yuh). So, while you may not recognise Dane himself, you may very well have seen him showcasing his talents on screen before.

On the other hand, this is his first time starring in and working on a Predator project.

Prey | Official Trailer



Prey | Official Trailer






Is Dane Diliegro on Instagram?

Yes, you can find him on Instagram at dd.

He currently boasts an impressive 38.7k followers and there are a handful of posts showcasing his work and BTS stills of him in and half-in costume. There is a snap of him at the Prey premiere, in which he says “last night was a movie!”

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‘I shot the entire movie essentially blind’

Dane recently sat down with The Los Angeles Times and discussed his work on Prey, explaining that there’s far more to his craft than meets the eye:

“A lot of times the people in the production department think they can just stick a stuntman in there and all will be groovy. But a creature actor is very much an actor… You’re telling your story with your shoulders, your posture, the way you’re walking, the way you’re moving. In some ways it’s more difficult than speaking.”

He added: “I shot the entire movie essentially blind, with my head in the neck of this being. In order for the Predator to look forward, I had to stare at my feet through two tiny neck holes. Sticks were laid on the ground so I’d know where to walk or run.”

Prey is streaming exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.

In other news, Who plays the Predator in Prey and is this his franchise debut?

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