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Bachelor in Paradise
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It’s time to say goodbye to Paradise for now. The Bachelor in Paradise the season 9 finale had it all – weddings, engagements, breakups, and more. After weeks of ups and down relationships in Mexico, some couples survived Paradise and others didn’t.

The big question for Bachelor Nation fans is: who got engaged on the beach? Two couples have put a ring on it. Hollywood life breaking down all Bachelor in Paradise season 9 relationship update after the emotional (and very sweaty) finale.

Who will be involved Bachelor in Paradise?

The BiP link movement continues! Two Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 couples walk away engaged: Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei apart from John Henry Spurlock and Kate Izzo.

Aaron Bryant

Aaron and Eliza are the first couple to take part in the final. During the last date before entering the Fantasy Suite, Aaron puts his feelings out on the table. Eliza admits that the idea of ​​getting engaged scares her because she doesn’t want it to happen just once.

Aaron and Eliza spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. The next day, Aaron is ready to propose. Eliza looks stunning in a beautiful white dress with a thigh high slit.

Elisa joins Aaron on the beach, and he quickly confesses his love for her. “I love everything about you,” Aaron says before fondly sharing his favorite breakfast order. “We found a way to choose each other and choose faith in each other,” he says.

Aaron reveals that he even called Eliza’s mother to get her blessing, which makes Eliza cry. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Aaron told Eliza. He proposes with a gorgeous diamond ring, and she happily accepts. Later, we learn that Aaron and Eliza’s relationship has been “on a collision course” since they left the beach, but that they are “actively working on their relationship and trying to work things out.” “

John Henry and Kat are the second couple to be engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 finale. Kat opens up about how crazy she is with John Henry. She says it makes her “feel so wanted and wanted and so worthy. It’s just so good.”

The couple stays in the Fantasy Suite, and they wake up in bed together. While John Henry tells Kat he wants to be with her outside of Paradise, he says his gut tells him it’s “too soon” to propose.

Kate Izzo

Kat arrives at the beach in a stunning brown dress. Kat tells John Henry that she is “totally” in love with him. “Being with you, it feels like a love that only comes once in a lifetime,” she said.

He tells Kat directly about his gut feeling. “Right now, I’ll try something a little different. Following my heart today,” he says before telling Kat that he is in love with her too. John Henry proposes to Kate, and she says yes. Today, Kat and John Henry are “happily engaged.” They are moving to San Diego and planning a life together.

Who broke up Bachelor in Paradise?

Two couples decide to end things in Paradise. Sam Picco and Peter Cappio break up in the season 9 finale. Although Sam is “so grateful” for their time together, she tells Peter that “it doesn’t feel right to continue this relationship.”

Peter is further away. “I thought we were going to leave here on different terms. I was surprised,” he says. Peter cries in the car on the way out.

Olivia Lewis and Michael Barbour break up too. Olivia tells Michael that she envisions a life “outside” of Paradise with him, but he doesn’t feel the same way. “Our world is in two very different places right now,” he said.

Despite ending things, Olivia says she has “no hard feelings.” In the car, she admits that she is “sad”, but she is still optimistic about her future.

Who will marry next Bachelor in Paradise?

Kenneth Braasch and Mary Pepinwho engaged during Bachelor in Paradise season 7, get married in the season 9 finale. Mari tells the season 9 cast that she and Kenny are “living proof” that the show works.

Kenneth Mary

Mari walks down the aisle on the beach in a beautiful wedding gown. Jesse Palmer attending the ceremony, while Wells Adams serving as ring bearer.

“I love you now and forever, and I know that together we will be the greatest team the world has ever seen,” Kenny says. Mary guesses that love She says how “sweet, loving and calm” Kenny is with her. Kenny and Mari say “I’m doing” on the beach.

Are Kyle and Avan still together?

Kyle Russell and Aven Jones go through their fair share of ups and downs eventually. Kylee is ready to get engaged, but Aven is adamant that he doesn’t want to propose right now. She’s upset that Aven doesn’t even have an “open mind” about getting involved.

Aven is still adamant about not proposing, but assures Kylee that he’s not “insecure” about her. “I really want you to trust us,” Aven says. He wants to “start a life” with her. In the end, Kylee doesn’t want to lose what she has with Aven. They decide to leave Paradise together as an unengaged couple. The update at the end of the finale reveals that Kylee and Aven are still very much together!

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