Why! Benzino Responds To Eminem With ‘Vulturius’ Diss (Video)

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Looks like Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj aren’t the only ones putting those pens and booth drawings to work! On Monday (January 29), Benzino hit back at Eminem in a new song, ‘Vulturius (Eminem Diss).’

In verse one, Zino implies that Em is a jealous culture.

“Candy-a*s Eminem, b***ha*s Feminine / Because he has no melanin, all Valium went up again/ Aw, sh*t, here we go, Benzino vs. Jim Crow / Know a custy when I see one, how many times have you overdosed? / Cracker on crack who raps, but black hate in this show / Attack our culture and then insult us, time you get exposed / Lil’ ho, the Mariah, Christina, Michael, or Britney this? / What kind of f**ka goes to war with people dancing and singing?”

Benzino’s minute-and-a-half response comes after rapper ‘The Real Slim Shady’ gets caught up in his physical appearance and pockets on Lyrical Lemonade’s new project ‘All Is Yellow.’

Eminem criticized Zino’s neck and fueled allegations of rumored gay encounters during ‘Doomsday Pt. 2.’ The project dropped on Friday (January 26), which suggests that Zino jumped into the booth shortly after the announcement.

“Now I got a riddle, one condition, you mustn’t laugh / What’s Benzino up against?” Giraffe/ ‘Go by his neck,’ how the f**k is that?/ How can I go for something he doesn’t have? An arm so short he can’t even touch his hands/ When they’re over his head doing jumping jacks (Wow) / Sorry, I don’t mean (What?) to bother you, Ben’ (Yeah) / When I talk about (What?) all your debts (Uh) / I hear you (What?) crawling in the basement / In them cheap hotels (Yeah), they’ll trap you in (What?) / Jesus Christ, dag (Damn), when you said twelve (What?) / You never thought you meant (Damn) at the Red Roof Hotel (S**t) / In a room with one single bed, two men (What?) / shady, man, you can’t -, yes, you can (Shh).”

Elsewhere on the track, Benzino mocked Eminem for not being “difficult.” He referred to a Slim Shady album recorded by his daughter Hailie about killing her mother titled ’97 Bonnie & Clyde.’ He also shot down his own accusations to Em about his sexuality, saying “he’s never seen a girl.”

“Trailer park pig b***h, sh*t, you’re miserable and you’re alone / And we think they made your reputation / You look weird, never mind what level of Just For Men they put on you / Never seen a girl, never seen an ab***h /But I got a song ‘What If I Was Gay’ by Joyner Lucas.”

Listen to Benzino’s entire NSFW track below.

Coi Leray Calls “Rap Beef… Washed Up” Amid Eminem’s Benzino Diss

In ‘Doomsday Pt. 2,’ Em announced that Benzino’s daughter, Coi Leray, has no chance of getting a feature from him. In his words, that is now “in the toilet.”

And while Benzino has responded with his own tweet, Coi took to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, calling out “rap beef…washed and tired.” She clarified that she has “no problems with anyone” and that she is focusing on her “growing and sexual vibes.” Any beef involved, she says, is one-sided. Leray also made it crystal clear that she is not seeking an Eminem feature in any capacity!

“Man the h*ll said I wanted an Eminem feature,” Coi asked X, sending smiles and emojis firing. “Think Eminem on ‘Wanna Come Thru’.”

In May of last year, the rapper ‘TWINNEM’ released a public statement saying that she had nothing against Eminem, despite her long-standing feud with her father. Her comments came after Zino criticized Em’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Scroll below to see Coi’s recent response.

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