Why Cyberpunk 2 won’t have a disastrous launch like Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2 still far away, but it already looks more promising than before, Game cyberpunk 2077. The sequel to CD Projekt Red’s dystopian RPG – which was coded Orion project free – was announced in 2022, and it hasn’t even entered development. However, small updates from the Polish developer have provided insight Game cyberpunk 2 new‘ are in their early stages, and are already showing a smooth release (or at least one that’s not as rocky as Game cyberpunk 2077and).


Luckily, players will have something to keep them quiet until then. Game cyberpunk 2077and Ghost Freedom DLC will release on September 26, 2023, and will go even deeper into the story of V and Johnny in the corporate controlled Night City. Along with revisions to gameplay systems such as police, cyberware, and even melee animations, the expansion will also feature new and exciting characters, such as a mysterious Netrunner named Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, and FIA agent Solomon Reed, who is played by English actor Idris Elba. As interesting as the content of the Ghost Freedom yes, however Game cyberpunk 2 new it seems to be just as good already – if not better.

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Cyberpunk 2 will use the Unreal 5 engine

A stadium lit up by dozens of neon signs in a nighttime setting, maybe Dogtown, in Phantom Liberty.

The first sign of a successful publication comes from the fact that Game cyberpunk 2 new it will be developed using Unreal Engine 5. For some time, CD Projekt Red has been using their own in-house REDengine; did the trick for a while, but titles like Game cyberpunk 2077 and even The Witcher 3 has demonstrated a critical need to move beyond REDengine and embrace third-party software. While Unreal Engine 5 is still relatively new, it’s stable and likely to be far less exciting – and should even help with CDPR recruitment, as more developers will be familiar with Epic Games’ UE5 than REDengine, of course.

CD Projekt Red has learned from its mistakes

Blue Moon and Purple Force from the Cyberpunk 2077 band Us Cracks, sitting side by side.  Blue Moon is making a heart with her hands.

There are many ways in which Ghost Freedom could be established Game cyberpunk 2 newbut inside at CD Projekt Red, it seems Orion project free is already being set up for success behind the scenes. In an interview with Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, Ghost FreedomDirector Gabe Amatangelo says the studio as a whole is in a much better place than it was during development Game cyberpunk 2077. Concrete measures are set to prevent “crisis” (or overwork of game developers), such as “a system that alerts supervisors if someone is working long hours.”

Not only that, but Amatangelo also says that CD Projekt Red’s entire board of directors has said “Humility and willingness to change,” giving the studio the freedom to take as much time and resources as they need to avoid a repeat Game cyberpunk 2077in their mistakes. With a seemingly healthier workplace culture, full board support, and an even more stable engine to develop the game with, CD Projekt Red looks to be on track for a successful launch of Game cyberpunk 2 new – and to regain its footing in the wider industry.

Source: Bloomberg, Cyberpunk 2077 / YouTube

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