Why did Ashraf Ghani Leave Afghanistan? and Where was he now?

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Former President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani was a politician, economist and academic who served as the fifth and final President of Afghanistan, under which the Taliban overthrew the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In his role as President of Afghanistan, Ghani was a visionary known for his energetic and fiery speeches, aimed at making Afghanistan a technocratic state, inspiring a younger generation of educated women and men to assume leadership positions in the country. So, when this visionary president left his country to the hands of the Taliban under difficult circumstances, the entire world was shocked and people all over the world wondered why he left his country under such dire circumstances.

Why did Ashraf Ghani leave Afghanistan and where is he now?

After half a year of Taliban leadership, there has been a significant transition in Afghanistan. The country feels safer and less violent than in previous decades, but the once aid-driven economy is on the verge of collapse. Millions of people around the world blame former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for mass migration or the exodus of the educated elite.

So why did he leave his country saying “no power in the world can convince me to get on a plane and leave this country”? I will sacrifice my life to protect the country I love. However, everyone is curious as to why he boarded a plane and left his country.

Ashraf Ghani recently gave an interview to CNN on August 15, 2022, more than a year after his passing, in which he explained why he fled the country he had sworn to die for. He explained that he boarded the plane because it would no longer be possible to defend him in plain language.

In his defence, he noted that he was the last to leave his country in the presidential arena, his defense minister having already left as he headed to the defense ministry after being informed that Kabul was undefendable. And because he was dressed in civilian clothes, the entire Presidential Protection Force was disbanded.

Additionally, he distanced himself from the Taliban and their sympathizers because he did not want the satisfaction of once again discrediting the Afghan president by forcing them to recognize the government’s legitimacy.

He is not afraid

He added that he wasn’t worried because he lived in a nearby rocket launch, but he didn’t move and giving up and letting himself be humiliated wasn’t an option.

As a result, he is currently receiving asylum in the United Arab Emirates. The UN removed his name from the list of heads of state on 15 February 2022. In May 2022, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction released a report on the collapse of the Afghan National Army and the Afghan government.

When they were questioned about the loyalty of their presidential guard, the president and advisers feared that their own guards would shoot them. In response, the former president told CNN that “there was a situation when he was in a meeting and some people started shooting and his own cook offered him hundreds of thousands of dollars to poison him, so people need to understand this environment. .

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He added that leaving his country was a spur-of-the-moment choice because he did not have his passport or any of his personal possessions with him when he took off in the helicopter. When he fled his country from Afghanistan, he had only one pair of shoes and some clothes.

According to SIGAR, Ghani is “a paranoid president afraid of his own countrymen” and his firing of several senior military officers demoralized the ANA. According to reports, Ghani thought the US was planning a coup against him. Ghani’s decision to scrap a last-minute US deal to keep the Taliban out of Kabul for at least two weeks. At the time, Ghani claimed that if he had stayed, more Afghans would have died and there would have been “bloodshed”.

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