Why Jennifer Aniston’s trainer believes in working out faster, harder

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The one where exercise doesn’t have to be painful.

Jennifer Anistonand trainer Danny Coleman recently revealed she and the Friends tap a star when it’s time to break a sweat.

“The biggest thing I can give is start small,” the fitness instructor told E! News in an exclusive interview. “When people think about working out, they make these big goals. Fight those old-school ideas that you have to break your body to get a good workout.”

As the health expert said, “We really believe in working smarter, not harder for your body. “

Dani – who is Pvolve’s Director of Training and uses their low-impact, high-resistance approach – noted that while Jen loves challenging work, she also knows her limits.

“With any client, whether it’s Jen or anyone I work with, I always come in with a game plan specific to their body’s needs,” Dani explained. “Jen likes a good balance of our Sculpt and Burn format, which uses blocks of strength with interspersed bursts of cardio.”

She continued, “One of the beautiful things about functional fitness is that because it’s similar to how your body moves in your daily life, your body feels energized. “

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