Why Manchester United Can Still Make It To Top 4 Spot This Season Despite A Poor Start

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Can Manchester United finish in the top 4 this season despite a poor start to the season?

Recall how the Red Devils, now managed by new coach Erik ten Haag, began their new season campaign with defeats against bottom-placed Brighton and Brentford, forcing many to criticize the new manager’s tactics. United have been relegated from the top 4.

Manchester United’s recent defeat to a lowly Brentford side which saw them lose 4 goals to nil marks their worst ever league performance, I believe two games are too soon to judge a new manager or a half-baked team. Going through a rebuilding process.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why United can’t be pushed out of the top 4 despite their poor start to the season; Here are some of them.

The first thing is that the team is playing well this season. Under this new coach Ten Haag, Manchester United are playing much better than last season when most of the players showed some lethargic attitude in the matches.

For example against Brentford, United’s defeat was due to some goalkeeping errors. After the first goal, Brentford put more pressure on Man United with a counter-attacking strategy and the Red Devils made more mistakes.

Secondly, everyone should realize that we will not win all games; You will win some and lose some. The moment Manchester United start winning some games now with the new techniques under the new manager, I believe their mindset will change as they gain confidence to win more matches.

Last season for Man United, I’m sure the road to the top 4 wasn’t that rough because most of the players weren’t practically committed and that was the main thing that kept them below the Champions League spot. However, things should be different this season.

After all, a bad start doesn’t mean a good ending. It has often happened that teams that do not perform well in small games often pick up in big games.

Many will remember that Manchester United lost their first two matches in 1992 and then went on to win the league.

Now, next week it’s Liverpool against Manchester United, and I think against all odds, the Red Devils can surprise anyone with a comeback against Liverpool. Remember they already did this in the pre-season with a 4-0 defeat against Liverpool.

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