Wild celebrity outfits from January 2023

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Sometimes, it feels like celebrities are always showing up, wearing the same old fashion staples – a little black dress, a classic suit and tie, denim and a tee (don’t get me wrong, no you can go wrong with it). But every once in a while, they like to surprise us and change.

Below, see some of the boldest, boldest looks celebrities will be wearing in January 2023.

1. Miss Thailand wore a sparkling soda dress for the Miss Universe pre-competition earlier this month.

3. Doja Cat covered herself in red paint and crystals to attend the Schiaparelli show.

4. And she wore eyebrows as facial hair for the Viktor & Rolf show later that same week.

5. Apparently Salma Hayek went there Magic Mike’s Last Dance premiere in beachwear.

6. Justin Bieber arrived in a blanket for dinner with his wife, Hailey.

7. MGK spent this money, on top of money, on top more silver look to show at Milan Fashion Week.

8. Michelle Yeoh wore a sculpted piece at the 2023 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

9. Rita Ora wore lace underwear at a pre-Golden Globes party.

10. Rosalía wore this big bright sweater at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week.

11. And Usher appeared here.

How do you feel about these ‘fits’? Are there any other bold looks you can think of for these celebrities this month? LMK in the comments below!

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