Will peace ever come to the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo? | Conflict

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From: An inside story

Fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has worsened in recent months.

More than 100 armed groups are fighting government and regional troops in a mineral-rich region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Approximately 5.6 million civilians have been forced to flee their homes in the past several years.

The United Nations reiterated its call for a political solution to the crisis after a high-level visit last week.

But regional efforts to end the violence are marred by mutual mistrust and differences.

So, what does the future hold for this region and its people?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Reagan Miviri – conflict analyst at Ebuteli, a DRC research institute

Stephanie Wolters – senior researcher specializing in the Great Lakes Region at the South African Institute of International Affairs

Angele Dikongue-Atangana – the representative of the UN refugee agency in the DRC

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