Working out has replaced happy hour as the preferred after-work activity

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Having a drink with your colleagues at the local bar after a long, productive day at work could be losing its appeal, workers say.

According to a recent report by Gympass, a center that corporations use to extend wellness activities to their employees, working out is the new “happy hour” for professionals.

The company analyzed millions of “check-ins” signals, that employees use their services, of more than two million subscribers, and compiled a report called “Year in Motion” which includes data from professionals across nine industries such as finance, retail and technology in 2023.

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One of the biggest findings in the report is that the preferred time for employees to engage in fitness activity last year was between 6pm and 7pm.

The only workers who stood out as early birds for fitness were those in the financial industry who leaned more towards morning workouts at 6am, the third most popular time.

In addition, Saturday and Sunday were the most popular days when people logged that they were doing something related to wellness, according to the report. Monday was also not popular for exercise.

Tuesday was the most popular day that people noted they were going to the gym, attending fitness classes and other wellness services. Wednesday and Thursday were the most popular days to engage in wellness activities, respectively.

The shift to less happy hours and more time for fitness trails with the shift we are seeing to a higher emphasis on wellness.

Gen Zers are prioritizing being healthy this year and changing their entire approach to work culture. And many Americans want to drink less in 2024, and some have already cut the habit altogether.

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