‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner trends on Twitter after backing controversial GOP politician Liz Cheney, plus more celeb news ICYMI

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‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner trends on Twitter after backing controversial GOP politician Liz Cheney, plus more celeb news ICYMI, #Yellowstone #star #Kevin #Costner #trends #Twitter #backing #controversial #GOP #politician #Liz #Cheney #celeb #news #ICYMI Welcome to EODBA BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

By Mark Gray
6:00am PDT, Aug 5, 2022


Make no mistake about who Kevin Costner supports politically. On Aug. 1, Liz Cheney tweeted out a picture of the actor rocking a pro-Cheney T-shirt while on the set of his hit series “Yellowstone.” The white tee read, “I’m for Liz Cheney.” In her caption, the Wyoming congresswoman wrote, “Real men put country over party.” The post trended on Twitter for a time. Despite her long history as a staunch conservative, Cheney is on the outs with Republicans after being one of 10 party members who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. She’s also co-chair of the House select committee investigating the attack, in which rioters violently attempted to stop Congress from certifying President Joe Biden’s victory. Throughout the hearings, Cheney has often called out members of her own party for continuing to embrace Trump, opining that the party has largely chosen the former POTUS over America.

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Ne-Yo and his wife are on the outs, and it’s messy. Crystal Smith filed for divorce, TMZ confirmed on Aug. 4, claiming her husband of more than six years recently fathered a child outside their marriage. The paternity allegation came just days after she publicly ripped him, alleging he’s been unfaithful for years. “8 years of lies and deception,” she wrote on Instagram. “8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous of women who sell their bodies to him unprotected… every last one of them! To say I’m heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. To ask me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane. The mentality of a narcissist.” A day after her post went up, Ne-Yo responded on Twitter. “For the sake of our children, my family and I will work through our challenges behind closed doors,” he said on July 31. “Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums. I simply ask that you please respect me and my family’s privacy at this time.” 

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Edie McClurg, who famously starred in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and a slew of other films, is a victim of elder abuse, her family claims. Edie’s family said in court paperwork, as reported by the New York Post on Aug. 2, that a man named Michael L. Ramos claims to be a “long time” friend and was attempting to marry her. As the 76-year-old suffers from dementia, her family believes Edie might not even be aware of what’s happening. Michael, the court documents claim, managed to “finagle” his way into the actress’ life and has been living in her home since 2017. Edie, who is under a conservatorship, has “never been involved [in] a romantic relationship” with Michael, her family insists, but fear that he “has or may be assaulting [Edie] and that she may not even know that it is happening to her.” Michael has denied assaulting or sexually abusing Edie. The judge, the Post reported, ruled that Michael “may not enter into a valid marriage” with the actress. 

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He put a ring on it. Dane Cook and his much-younger lady love, Kelsi Taylor, are engaged.  “I was so ready to ask her. I was completely zen about it,” the comedian told People magazine. “The evening of the proposal was incredibly beautiful, the weather was perfect, sunset was spectacular, and I was just quite simply very happy.” Dane, 50, and Kelsi, 23, have been together for five years, having met during a game night when she was just 18. Dane popped the question  in York Beach, Maine, where they took their first trip together.


After once saying she would “never” speak to her father again, Lindsie Chrisley acknowledged that she and her dad, Todd Chrisley, have established a relationship again. However, she said her father’s ongoing legal situation — he and his wife are awaiting sentencing after being convicted of fraud and tax crimes — had nothing to do with the reconciliation, but rather her divorce from Will Campbell sparked the reunion. “After my divorce stuff had become public, my dad had posted, ‘I’m here, I love you, whatever’s going on in your life right now I see it,’” she recalled on the “Southern Tea” podcast. “That’s really moreso how we were able to reconnect. [It was] definitely because of my divorce.” 


Nearly two years after suffering a devastating second trimester pregnancy loss, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are having another baby. The model and cookbook author announced the happy news on Instagram on Aug. 3 with a selfie revealing her growing baby bump. “The last few years have been a blur of emotions to say the least, but joy has filled our home and hearts again. 1 billion shots later (in the leg lately, as u can see!) we have another on the way,” Chrissy wrote. “Every appointment I’ve said to myself, ‘ok if it’s healthy today I’ll announce’ but then I breathe a sigh of relief to hear a heartbeat and decide I’m just too nervous still. I don’t think I’ll ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful and I’m feeling hopeful and amazing. Ok phew it’s been very hard keeping this in for so long!”


It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Tom Cruise! The actor has been in England filming the seventh film in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise and had a funny exchange with a couple atop a mountain. Just moments before shooting a stunt for the movie, “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” the actor arrived via helicopter to the top of England’s High Crag. After noticing a couple relaxing on the mountain’s peak, Tom apologized for the interruption. “Sorry for disturbing your peaceful walk with all the noise — I like your dog,” Tom apparently shouted at Sarah Haygarth at the 2,440 foot summit. In sharing the moment with The Sun, Sarah recalled Tom getting dropped off and immediately getting his parachute ready, as though he was going to jump off the mountain and paraglide. Sarah shouted, “Are you really going to jump off there?” to which Tom nodded and simply replied, “See you later, folks.” And just like that, Tom walked to the edge and jumped as his parachute opened.


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