You should have broken me instead, comments as TG Omori breaks his Iphone 14 Pro Max so women don’t cheat on you

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You should have broken me instead, comments as TG Omori breaks his Iphone 14 Pro Max so women don't cheat on you

Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori, popularly known as TG Omori broke his iPhone 14 Pro Max.

He said he decided to destroy the smartphone because there were so many pictures of sexy women in the gallery.

Taking to his Instagram story, the Boy Director as he is fondly called, said that the devil lived in his mobile device.

Omori shared a photo of the badly damaged iPhone 14 Pro Max and wrote; “The devil lives on that phone and that’s why I broke it! Too much sexual imagery, too much crime!”

He also posted a screenshot of a chat from a female fan who said instead of the phone he could have done that to her.

Music director TG Omori has been facing criticism for his response to Bola Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election.

TG Omori recently accepted the news of the All Progressives Congress candidate that has emerged in the 2023 presidential election.

On his Twitter page, the cinematographer suggested that Nigerians should accept the status quo and adapt to the realities of politics, saying, “The game is the game”, he wrote.

However, his views have not been accepted by many, who have taken jabs at him.

A Twitter user pointed out that it is easy to see politics as a game to influence someone close to him, to which TG Omori responded,

“THE GAME IS ENGLISH, AND YOU ARE ALL IN TEARS. The same ST#PID sympathy and feelings sent us all here! BOOK THE GAME OR Stand outside and cry for fair play. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PESTICIDES AND JUMP INTO THE FIELD, IDIOT.

The backlash continued, with TG Omori even expressing a contradictory view of democracy itself.

He said, “I don’t even believe in democracy. Africa, in general, should not have been united by force in the first place. We should live as kingdoms and tribes, n0t nations and states, because you all don’t even like yourselves. “

TG Omori went on to say that slavery still exists in Africa, albeit in a different form, saying,

“Chains have been taken off your hands/feet and placed on your head. The slave master did not change his ways; he just changed his ways. Search your soul, and you will understand that the problems are older than your fathers. Freedom is still on the line; the war is not won.”

TG Omori’s comments have sparked controversy and disagreement among many. His views on politics and democracy in Africa were expressed, especially for his suggestion that Africans should not live as states and nations but as tribes and kingdoms. His stance on freedom and slavery in Africa has also faced backlash.

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